Father turns down marriage proposal for his daughter after groom’s family praises PM Khan

Hameed of Tandlianwala, lost his temper when his potential son-in-law's family praised the PTI and Prime Minister Khan.

A man in Faisalabad turned down a marriage proposal for his daughter after the other side praised Prime Minister Imran Khan.

An undated Urdu newspaper report claimed that the man named Hameed lost his temper when his potential son-in-law’s family praised the PTI and Prime Minister Khan.

According to the report, “Irked by inflation, Hameed lost his temperament when Ramzan and his wife praised the Imran-led PTI as the two families gathered to discuss their children’s marriage.”

“Hameed kicked the guests out of his house and refused to forge relations with them,” read the article.


A massive loyalty shift has been seen among the ruling PTI supporters as the opposition continues to support people against the government’s economic policies.

Pakistan’s inflation rate for 2019 was 10.58%, a 5.5% increase from 2018.

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  • حرامی میڈیا پروپیگنڈا چسکے لیتا ھے حرامی میڈیا اس طرح کی بکواسیات کی خبروں کی سرخیاں لگا کر سستی شہرت حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں پاکستان کے میڈیا کو شرم آنی چاہیے ھے لیکن شرم ان حرام خور میڈیا اخبارات،ٹی و ی چینلز اور بعض سوشل میڈیا کے یو ٹیوبرز سستی شہرت حاصل کرنے کے لئے اس طرح کی بکواسیات کی خبریں پیھلاتے ہیں ان کو شرم آنی چاہیے

  • سُسر پٹواری ہو گا بُڈھا, پٹوارن کے خواب چکنا چُور ہو گئے, یوتھیا اپنی بات پر قائم, عمران خان زندہ باد

  • Blessing in disguise. Jaisa Khota leader, waise phatwari khota khor supporters. Dimaagh se total paidal!

  • He was a wise father. He might have seen what happened to Tyrian and how the morals of Governing party has dropped to the lowest levels in only few years under im the dim .

    • He was Haraam eating father in law saved from pmln land mafia all uneducated donkey eating group and highly corrupt and incompetence low class gutter people

      • Wonder you are talking about a savvy low life who went in to a home of decent person and started to make relationship with his wife, she eloped and he married her who already given birth to five children from her husband who are grown up at the time of her 2nd marriage ? May be he thought about it and found the groom family which supports such a low character doesn’t deserve to be his relatives. ?

  • IK again saved a life of a boy who would otherwise have to tolerate a khota khhor family all his life.

    IK is a masihah…

  • The Man is lucky and found out father law was pmln land mafia slave, he could have suffered all his life if any connection with PDM corrupt parties

  • Imagine all these thugs who used to call each other choor, got to gether, and this moron rejected his daughter’s wedding because of his blind slavery.

  • شُکر ہے دولہا کی ذندگی برباد ہونے سے بش گئی۔
    زرا سوچو، پٹوارن سے شادی ہوتی تو کیا حال ہوتا ؟

    • لوٹ مار کا جہیز ملتا جیسے بختاور اور مریم نواز کو اور مہر النِسا کو ملا

  • Sorry to hear that “Hameed kicked the guests out of his house and refused to forge relations with them,”.

    This person hameed might be educated but he failed in the subject of Freedom of the speech and personal choice. Every human has a right to personal speech of freedom Therefore it must be respected.
    His actions are unforgiving, specially to his daughter who was marrying a man not his freedom of choice.
    Such a shameful act.

  • IK is only solution to Pakistan, He is a crusader against corruptions,
    may Allah Protect him.

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