Karachi’s mystery: What is the truth behind Mangopir crocodiles?

It turns out their history is somewhat of a legend.

The monsoon rain in Karachi has been very destructive, causing floods and the loss of several lives. Many took to social media to highlight the sheer negligence of the authorities and to express their outrage. However, some people used the internet uproar to spread terrifying rumors.

Along with pictures that would make your heart stop, the news took the internet by storm that said, ‘crocodiles have escaped from the famous Mangopir shrines and have made it to Karachi.’

But thank God that this real-life version of the movie Crawl was nothing else but an unsubstantiated rumor.

However, now that we can sigh in relief, all the hype around the crocodiles got us thinking about where these creatures came from and what was the real story behind them.

It turns out their history is somewhat of a legend. According to the area’s local Sufi legends, the crocodiles actually used to be lice and were turned into crocodiles by the Sufi saint of Mangopir. You may not believe such tall tales, but they sure make for an interesting tourist spot.

The importance of the crocodiles in the region continues to this day. The video above depicts a ceremony from 2 years ago where the crocodiles are being honored with various rituals. And these supposed beasts have apparently developed a relationship with their caretakers.

The video of them feeding makes it seem like these deadly creatures are nothing more than pets. It’s amazing to see how integral they are to the area’s rich history and culture, where this is one of the oldest Sufi shrines in Sindh.

So there you have it. The Mangopir crocodiles are as real as can be, though, make sure you do debunk that viral video you may have received in your family Whatsapp group.


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  • Poor animals , got trapped when main water channel was cut off from their sanctuary, then God stepped in and arranged for them to be taken care of for centuries, through superstition and legends of local people. In a sense that makes these crocs special and should be revered.

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