‘Kidnapper ko bhi toh samjho’: Hira Mani slammed online over insensitive remarks about Dua Zahra

A picture of Hira Mani and Dua Zahra

Social media users have slammed renowned actress Hira Mani over her insensitive remarks about Dua Zahra.

The actress took to her social media account to share a “prayer” for Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed. “Mai chahti hun k Dua Zehra aur Zaheer kabhi alag na hun,” the Do Bol actress wrote on her Instagram story.

She added: “Allah tala mere ye dua zaroor sunienge.”

Hira Mani’s remarks were severely criticised on social media. Reacting to her statement, a Twitter user wrote that it has been proved that Dua was kidnapped by Zaheer and was to be sold to a child prostitution ring by him and his gang.

Taking a dig at the actress, another social media user wrote: “Kidnapper ko bhi toh samjho.”

“Hira Mani’s perspective on social issues is just as useful as the traffic signals in GTA,” wrote another.

Here’s what others have to say:

Dua Zahra’s case:

Following a long legal battle, the parents of the teenager finally seems to be getting justice. Dua has been taken to Karachi following a court order.

She will be presented in front of the judicial magistrate in the city’s District West. The court has issued strict orders against allowing anyone to meet her before she is presented in the court.

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