Mansha Pasha Shuts Down Kangana Ranaut’s Sister Like a Boss

Replying to Mansha Pasha's comments, Kangana Ranaut's sister said that "Pakistanis criticizing you is validation that you are 100% nationalist''.

Pakistani actress, Mansha Pasha, and the sister of renowned Bollywood celebrity, Kangana Ranaut, Rangol Chandel got into a Twitter brawl after the former accused Kangana Ranaut of using “progressive values to gain traction”.

With nothing else to do, Mansha Pasha has been very active on Twitter giving her opinion about different things. A couple of days ago, the Laal Kabootar actress also shared her thoughts about Kangana Ranaut.

“Kangana Ranaut is a classic example of a woman who started off as someone who talked down privelege, becoming a voice against nepotism,” Mansha Pasha said.

She continued, “She then used progressive values to gain traction and support a government that stifles all voices of dissent and calls everything that goes against its policy to be “corrupt, anti-state” and anyone who disagrees to be too rich or too privileged or too corrupt and can’t be a voice for the people.

“One needs to aware of those that use values u believe in to further their own politics,” Mansha Pasha concluded.

Replying to Mansha Pasha’s comments, Rangol said that “Pakistanis criticizing you is validation that you are 100% nationalist”.

“When Pakistanis start to criticise you, it’s a validation that you are 100% nationalist and a sacha Desh Bhakt…two enemy country citizens must talk like this only respect for Ms Pasha, but I can’t respect those jo iss desh ka khakar wafa Pakistan se karte hain.”

Mansha Pasha wasn’t going to back off and shut Rangoli Chandel down like a boss. The 39-year-old told Rangoli to shift their focus towards helping and spreading awareness among their “Desh Bhakts” during this difficult time.

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