Mark Weins Tried Village Food In Pakistan And The World Loves It!

There are many things that make Pakistan a worth-visiting destination, but quite honestly we all secretly know that the best thing we have to offer is food!

From biryani to nihari and lassi – with innumerable memories, foreign visitors take from us, our quality food stays on number one. Don’t believe it?
You have got to see Mark Wiens then!

Mark, an American vlogger living in Thailand, is on a 16-day visit in Pakistan where he is travelling to different cities and trying out the food. He has loved every place so far and has suggested the best place to eat fish in Lahore (quite literally). Strolling through food treat and tasting everything he can grab, Mark is recording videos and writing a travel guide to guide what to expect from the country and specifically where to eat.

Mark’s work and internet presence are already immensely enjoyed and he has built a huge following on social media, but what the viewers particularly enjoy are his expressions when he tries the food out. Does it make you hungry already? 

But his recent vlog is certain to give you all the hunger pangs whether you are from Pakistan or not! Though Pakistani food is loved by everyone, desi food or village food particularly is a favourite. Needless to say, Mark loved it the most as well. 

In his recent vlog where he enjoys all the rural culture and enjoys the fresh, raw and pure air of the village, he tries parathas, makai saag and halwa puri – in short everything that Pakistan has to offer. Not only did mark himself love the entire experience, but the audience which extends to every corner of the world also enjoyed it and it made them curious to visit Pakistan as well.

Here is what the people had to say about it:

We owe greatly to people like Mark who, despite the stigmatisation and negative image, trust the people of Pakistan and visit to explore this beautiful land. It is delightful to see the incredible experience he is having and are hopeful it will encourage more people to visit as well.
Here is the vlog:


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