Marlon Samuels Expresses his wish to join Pakistan Army

The Stars of PSL 2017

Darren Sammi and Marlon Samuels are no doubt the most cherished players of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2017. Pakistani public fell in love with these two Caribbean sportsmen for showing their trust.

They value the bold decision of these players to come and play on Pakistani soil, defying all the conspiracies. Many International cricket players already refused to play in Pakistan for the same reason.

However, these players really know how to take challenges. What is more delightful is the way Pakistani people show their gratitude towards these daredevils. Inspired by the overwhelmingly thankful response of the public and the professional level of security provision by Pakistan Army, Samuels released his recent message on Social Media, expressing his will to join Pakistan Army.

Samuel Says he is a Pakistani by heart

Samuel says in his heartfelt video message that he is a Pakistani by heart. This is a very proud moment for the Pakistani nation, where Pakistan is battling in International community to bring cricket back to Pakistan.

Samuels describes his experience in Pakistan as a total inspiration. Speaking of the security matters, he hails the security services provided by Pakistan Army, ranking it second to none in the world.

The message is a slap on the face of all the conspirators who paint a very gloomy picture of Pakistan in the world.

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