“They called me pedophile”, Yasra Rizvi talks about marrying someone younger than her

Yasra Rizvi was 34 when she got married to 24-year-old Abdul Hadi in 2016.

A Famous Pakistani actress, Yasra Rizvi, has revealed as to how she was criticized for marrying a man ten years younger than her. The actress was 34 when she got married to 24-year-old Abdul Hadi in 2016.

In a recent interview, the actress shared how she met her husband. She said, “My husband and I are very good friends. He is very close to me. We were neighbors, I was overweight, and he was a bodybuilder. Hadi had an interest in weight loss; that’s how we became friends.”

She added, “I have been through a lot in my life, and he was there for me. Marrying Hadi was the best decision of my life.”

She further explains how people called her bad names and troll her on social media. The Ustani Gi actress said, “I did not care about people, but I was hurt when they called me a ‘pedophile’ for marrying someone ten years younger.”

“ I have been called a ‘sex addict,’ ‘cougar,’ and a maniac who is interested in a younger man. Our society never calls men with such names even they marry younger girls. My father is ten years older than my mother, and it was never an issue.”

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  • When Males by nature are to go for younger females but despite this nowadays thanks to Feminism which has ruined Europe call all males who have more than 10yr difference “Pedo” then Females who marry younger males “Pedo”, they are 10000% justified in calling them Pedo. #YusraPedo

  • 10 years difference is too much?
    Imran Khan married 24 years younger than her
    people are just stupid

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