Marvi Memon And Ishaq Dar’s Marriage In Tatters: Pressure Being Built To Silence Her After Controversial Tweets

A while back, news of Marvi Memon’s secret marriage was revealed by a Pakistani journalist Chaudhary Ghulam Hussain. Allegedly, Marvi married Ishaq Dar for RS 1.5 billion Haq mehr.

Though not publically accepted, the news wasn’t denied either giving people subtle hints that it can be true.

Recently senior anchor and recognized journalist Rana Mubashir also revealed intricate details of the alleged tied knot, saying that they got married at 8:30 on 30th July 2016.

The topic again erupted and gained public eye after Marvi’s recent tweets that clearly threatened the PMLN leadership of exposing them. she further said that in corruption, there are people who instigate it and facilitate it, who need to be exposed first. Her series of tweets raised many eyebrows as though still unclear. It is being doubted that she is upset over party’s treatment towards Dar and herself.

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Marvi, however, said she won’t stay silent and will be publically vocal about the affair regardless of whom it affects. Further, it appears that the entire scenario has rose tension between their marriage as well. Previously, sources reported that Kulsoom Nawaz also showed deep reservations and unhappiness with their marriage. Now, to according 92 News, a close source to the party wishing to stay anonymous has also confirmed that their marriage is in tatters. The rumors also have it that Marvi is disappointed that how the party leadership has cornered her and due to this response she can possibly be planning her final farewell. But in any case, she isn’t willing to take a step back.

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