Marvi Memon’s Mysterious Yet Meaningful Tweets Mobilise Media – Fawad Chaudhary Responds

Pakistani politics hit twitter again – Marvi  Memon’s mysterious yet meaning tweets have mobilized social and mainstream media. The tweets though targeting unknown are still sending a staunch message, being perceived and processed by the people. Whomever they are targetting, she seemed to be quite upset over it and was quite vocal about her sentiments. With having possible reservations over party politics, she expressed that she is facing an emotional setback as well and felt quite sentimental about it as well.

The tweets are directly addressing the party leadership, saying it is unfair that while the doers of the crimes get away with it and someone else is being used as a scapegoat.
In certain statements, it appeared like she can possibly soon be found in a middle of a corruption scandal and is trying to clear her skin with hidden justifications prior to it meeting the public eye. She said that behind every crime there are the ones who instigate and facilitate, who should be held accountable first.
She mentioned that those who claim to be the leaders and stand by you when the times get tough turn their blind eye towards you. She also said that the time for defending them is over, and it’s futile to protect them when they are not even ‘fearful of God’s ways’. Here is what she said in her series of tweets:

Fawad Chaudhary commented on these statements saying that it is early to say in which contexts are they spoken, especially being unaware of the inner party politics. However, he predicted that she is quite close with Ishaq Dar and is having extreme reservations over party leadership’s treatment towards him.

But what we can do for now wait and witness until the entire story unfolds.

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