Marvi Sirmed Threatens For Pointing Out Her Mistake

Marvi Sirmed, a notable columnist, and a self-proclaimed ‘liberal’ commentator clearly lack patience when it comes to other’s opinions and especially when it involves pointing out her mistake.
After the NA-120 elections, Marvi Sirmed tweeted a fake picture of Imran Khan’s statement without any verification that involved clearly targeting and passing derogatory remarks about people belonging to a particular province. informed her that the picture wasn’t authentic. However, even after that, she didn’t remove it for the next 12 hours.


Unless again pointed out that the tweet is still present after 12 hours on her timeline!

Upon that, she deleted the tweet along with extreme remarks threatening that she doesn’t take ‘this type of attitude’ and to ‘watch it’.

Although the picture was obviously fake, that a prominent experienced columnist could of course better judge in one glance, she accepted that she just ‘retweeted’ it without any verification. Not just that, even after accepting it she didn’t take it off for the next 12 hours. Especially when she has a great outreach and following, it levies a substantial responsibility on her to verify what she is quoting.

A country that is already held n the shackles of provincialism, sectarianism, and extremism, propagating hatred based on forgery and hoax can only contribute negatively, worsening the situation. Especially someone who has a following and influence on people need to realize that their words form the perception of masses, and reporting erroneous facts just to get the ‘spotlight’ and few minutes of attention can be damaging for the well-being of the state. Such false statements that create an essence of provincialism only add fuel to the brimming fire of hatred that we all are already caught in.

Due to her absurd response, people also reacted saying that this in no way counts as a ‘bad’ attitude and in fact, she needs to act more reasonable and responsible.

Marvi Responds back to here critics with the following tweet

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