Maryam Nawaz reacts to video targeting Imran Khan at Haram-e-Kaaba

Maryam Nawaz Sharif has reacted to the video allegedly recorded at Haram-e-Kaaba. A voiceover of the video sounds as saying, “May God show you the right path, you tell lies, God gives you guidance”.

Maryam Nawaz responds to the video saying that the liar and the imputer ought to listen to all these things. She further said that this is just the beginning. She wrote these couplets in Urdu in response to tweets criticizing Prime Minister of Pakistan.


In response to another tweet aimed at Imran Khan, she responds by saying that justice is not only limited to the day of judgment. Life itself punishes for the sins that one commits (in worldly life). She further pointed her fingers to Imran Khan and said, “willfully, one who calls others a thief wouldn’t find any place to hide his face. This is the system of nature. God forbid!”.  Firdous Ashiq Awan of PTI, while reacting to Maryam Nawaz’s Twitter battle, called it as the inner frustration of Maryam Nawaz and PML-N.

Ex-Prime Minister’s twitter active daughter responds to video aimed at Imran Khan.


Maryam Nawaz doesn’t leave any stone unturned while criticizing the incumbent premier of the country. So she took to Twitter responding to the videos allegedly filmed outside Haram-e-Kaaba (Sacred Mosque). The sole daughter of three times premier of Pakistan Maryam Nawaz’s political carrier was put on the backdrop after July 2018 verdict in the Avenfield reference case in which she was handed down seven years imprisonment and 10 years long disqualification from contesting the elections.

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Why Imran Khan is in Makkah?

PM Imran Khan is in Makkah to attend the 14th summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. While at OIC, PM started his first ever speech at this forum by raising the issue of Islamophobia. He said, “When someone from West blasphemed our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH), I always feel that OIC remained unresponsive”.

He further said that heads of the Muslim states owe a responsibility to the Muslim world when someone blasphemes our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is OIC’s failure that we have not been able to explain to the other countries the love and respect we feel for our Holy Prophet, he added.

He also asserted that West should respect the feelings of more than 1 billion Muslims and also substantiated his stance on Kashmir. Comprising 57 countries the OIC stands as the collective voice of Muslims, to safeguard the interests of Muslims ever since its formation in 1969.

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