Maryam Nawaz Tweeted A Coke Bottle With Her Father’s Name On It And Look How Twitter Made Her Regret It

We may not have a powerful voice in other spheres but there is one place where we are loud, fearless and unstoppable in all the contexts: Twitter. Not to mention that twitter feuds and wars are quite intense, but still, nothing beats the trolls – they are a great laugh and entertainment for sure.
Not a very unusual thing and in fact, we do come across it quite often now, Maryam Nawaz’s twitter thread again turned into a troll meme thread and it is quite amusing.

Soon after Nawaz Sharif made the headlines over mainstream and social media – again – for his ‘lifetime disqualification’, Maryam tweeted a picture of a customized coke bottle with her name on it. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. After all, every one of us is guilty of doing so every now and then. But perhaps it was the timing that didn’t do her any favour.

Her tweet soon after Supreme Court’s decision of declaring senior Sharif ineligible to hold any public office for the rest of his life was kind of sure to meet such a response – though not sure if she was prepared for it though.

People literally had the most unforgiving and brutal responses to her tweet. Here is what the social media community had to say:

Some, of course, used this opportunity to give their opinions and unveiled the conspiracies as well. They extended their support and expressed their disapproval of the Supreme Court’s decision amidst all this trolling.


While others continued to showcase their appreciable elite humour.

Whether you agree with the decision, have political affiliations lying on the other side or have beliefs conflicting with theirs, one can’t deny that people were indeed quite creative here.

Which one is your favourite among all of these? Let us know in the comments bar below.




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