Mashal Khan Voted As Herald’s Person Of The Year – Rejection Of Religious Extremism Or An Apology?

Religious intolerance and inacceptability has done damage to Pakistan that clearly extends beyond words. Islam, that changed the dynamics of human rights by being inclusive of people with different beliefs, has been used as a tool to manipulate and justify people’s horrible actions that are pursued purely in personal interest.
The religion that has explicitly declared rights of even animals, has only preached kindness and love towards humanity. Whereas altering its true spirit, fanatics have repeatedly used it to cover their corrupt intentions.

Source: Cover Asia Press

We, as a society, submitted to the violence by either justifying it, being a part of it or by simply keeping quiet. In all three cases, we facilitated the brutality that not only violated all the definitions of humanity and morality but Islamic teachings as well. The result was daunting – an endless series of inhumane events that saw 14-year old Rimsha Masih, APS Peshawar’s kids, burnt alive Shama and Shehzad, and ultimately Mashal Khan.

Mashal Khan’s case wasn’t the first of its nature – where a group of people accused an individual, declared him guilty and punished him, all by themselves without any concrete evidence – but the echo definitely resonated like never before. The incident itself was horrifying enough to upheaval our silence, but it also brought us to a point where we knew we needed some soul searching – how did we get here?
What is happening inside our educational institutions? How did the sacred places that were supposed to teach tolerance, discipline, and acceptability, end up creating violent mobs?

There is no doubt that Mashal Khan’s incident has affected us all deeply, which justifies the sentiments people had when he was voted as the person who influenced most during past year.

Pakistan choosing Mashal Khan as Herald’s Person Of The Year 2017 reflects that we, as a nation, are slowly rejecting the religious extremism and want to say no more to it. Or maybe it is just our apology to how we contributed to what happened to him in our own capacities.
For now, we can only make assumptions to kill time, as we still wait for justice.

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