[VIDEO] Master Tiles x Jalal Sons’ wedding even had Turkish gymnasts performing for the guests!

Turkish gymnasts were invited to mesmerize the guests with phenomenal performance.

The wedding ceremony celebrations of Unzila Mahmood of Master Tiles and Moazzam of Jalal Sons have topped the charts of the trendiest wedding ever. The union of the two giants’ heirs became the grandest and most extravagant wedding Pakistanis had ever seen.

The festivities continued for four days. Many notable personalities and celebrities attended the new couple’s wedding ceremony. Each event of the ceremony was luxurious, but the one-of-a-kind walima caught the eye of everyone.

Here are four reasons why the reception ceremony of Moazzam and Unzila has been trending on social media for seven days:

  • Turkish gymnasts were invited to mesmerize the guests with phenomenal performance.
  • Guests were treated to a fascinating fire show.
  • A splendid display of fireworks took the attendees breaths away.
  • Ihsan Habib of Décor by Ihsan gave the ceremony a delightful touch of style.



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  • Its way beter if they call lucky irani circus girls they are cheap and explain their cheap maintality perverts

  • I don’t know why are people getting jealous of them? even an ordinary man expanse out of his pocket for their children marriage
    such a hypocritical nation we are

  • NAB ke incompetence check kero zara ager ye lavish weddding na hoti tu NAB ko tu pata he nai chalna kay in kay pass kitna paisa hai and have they paid taxes or not

  • Following in the footsteps of tycoon weddings in neighboring India. Stuff looks good but is it our values to show extravagant to such extent. I understand argument that it is their money but is it ethical or social norm of our society. I’m not in Pk for last 22 plus years and feeling like I’m deehati when I look at fashion and values our society back home is adopting.

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