‘Someone Who Can Listen To Me’: Mathira Shares Screenshot of Her Last Conversation With Aamir Liaquat

Mathira reveals her last conversation with Aamir Liaquat

Model and television hostess Mathira has shared the screenshot of her last conversation with former MNA and TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain.

The model took to her Instagram to give her two cents on Aamir Liaquat being trolled online. Mathira revealed that she was talking to Aamir Liaquat through messages for an interview.

She added that the former PTI MNA was devastated due to social media bullying. “People made fun of him when he needed help,” she wrote.

Mathira also mentioned how people made fun of him after ‘his ex-wife leaked his nudes’ instead of standing by him. “People  do mistake, we are humans but don’t push them to death,” the model requested.

Mathira further revealed that Aamir Liaquat wanted to sit for an interview and ‘talk his heart out.’ In his last message to the model and actress, he wanted her to meet him separately. “Would like to have someone who can listen to me and then may be explain to those morons who will never ever understand me,” he told Mathira.

Following his sudden death, a number of showbiz celebrities took to their social media handles to extend their condolences. Artists such as Ushna Shah, Armeena Rana Khan, Faysal Quraishi among others took to social media and spoke about his death.

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