Mathira comes out in Feroze Khan’s defense following viral ‘drinking video’

Feroze Khan caught drinking

Feroze Khan, who briefly quit showbiz to provide his services for the teachings of Islam, has been garnering loads of attention on social media following a viral video.

In the video circulating on social media, the Khaani actor can be seen drinking from a bottle wrapped in a brown paper. Although, its impossible to tell what the actor is drinking but some netizens believe it to be alcohol.

Watch the video:



The video got mixed response on social media. Some bashed and trolled Feroze Khan while other believe that what celebrities do in their private lives is none of anyone’s business.

Here’s what netizens have to say:

Mathira comes out in his defense:

Following the viral video, actress and host Mathira came out in Feroze Khan’s defense. She took to her Instagram account and called out people for interfering in celebrities’ personal lives. She asked people to stop making videos of celebrities.

According to Mathira, she has known Khan for a long time and he is dedicated towards Islam more than ever.

Furthermore, she also clarified that Feroze Khan doesn’t drink. Mathira also warned the person who made the video about the punishment he can get for making such videos without permission.

“We ain’t public property. You guys need to learn that you don’t know everything about everyone. Stop this nonsense,” she concluded.

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  • Yara aik tho ye kanjar log de tang agye hain . Ye meerasi kanjar tho yahi kaam karthay aaye hain jab se ye dunya bani hay . Why they are discussed at all ??

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