Mathira finally breaks her silence and puts implant rumors to rest

Mathira speaks against body shaming.

Recently, actress, model, and TV host Mathira appeared on Nashpati Prime’s show, To Be Honest. In the talk show, Mathira talked about her thoughts on feminism and social media.

The show was a hit on YouTube Pakistan and also trended number one on the video streaming platform. The video is a clear example of how celebrities have started to speak up, voice their opinion, and stand up for themselves.

Watch the full video of the show here:

Following the talk show interview, Mathira finally spoke against her haters. After keeping her quiet for very long, the model took to Instagram stories to school her haters for body-shaming her.

Mathira wrote:

I’m chubby, and I’m happy like this. Who are you to shame me? Focus on yourself, please.

Mathira schools haters on body shaming.

Clarifying her condition, Mathira stated:

I’m so tired of people saying why I have done implants and all. Seriously it’s a shame. I have a hormonal imbalance issue.

The actress and model concluded by saying:

I could do surgeries; I will certainly own up. I have put on weight, but please stop this nonsense of calling me plastic.

It should be noted that many other Pakistani celebrities have talked about body shaming previously. Unlike in the past, these actors and actresses are now calling out their haters on public platforms to put a stop to body shaming.

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  • I feel this program and the host are brought in with a planning to change the culture, and make vulgarity acceptable as in west.
    But talking about this girl Madhira or any girl who is progressing in any field we must not start labeling them as slut, not fair culturally, socially or religiously we must avoid jumping straight to some one’s character without knowing ABC about the person.

  • “Did she gain weight or did she get implants?” was certainly the most important question on everyone’s mind before this interview. So grateful that this has finally put our minds at rest.

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