Mathira slams Feroze Khan for calling Bilawal Bhutto a “Cartoon” after the viral CNN interview Bhutto

According to media reports, the People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari made a shocking confession on Wednesday. In an interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson, he said:

I was forced into politics at a young age. I didn’t choose this life; it chose me.

Details of the Interview

When the international news anchor posed a question regarding dynastic politics, Bilawal Bhutto said:

Absolutely, dynasties exist, and it would be unfair to criticize the former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hilary Clinton for being involved in politics because her husband was involved in politics, etc. You can criticize nepotism and dynastic politics as much as you want, but whoever the people of Pakistan decide, that should matter by the end of the day.

He further stated:

As far as myself is concerned, my grandfather was hanged by a military dictator, my mother was assassinated by terrorists, and I was forced into Pakistani politics at a young age. I did not choose this life; it chose me.

Answering a question about being the foreign minister under a PM that is not from his own party, Bilawal said:

Being the second-largest member of the coalition, it would be difficult for the party to stomach. However, we do have to work together to address Pakistan’s problems.

Talking about former Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s demand for early elections, Bilawal said:

We absolutely want free and fair elections, but for them to take place, we must legislate when it comes to electoral reforms. As everybody knows, the 2018 elections that Khan used to come to power have been widely seen and condemned nationally and internationally as rigged and compromised elections that resulted in three years of an autocratic, dictatorial rule through the office of Imran Khan. He not only robbed our media of media freedoms but robbed average Pakistanis of their democratic rights that they just recently started to enjoy.

He concluded the statement by saying:

It is a big victory for democracy that we are moving towards electoral reforms and free and fair elections. We are not a selected government like Mr. Khan’s but a government that is truly representative of the people of Pakistan and can decide their fate.

Bilawal Bhutto’s Interview causes Rift Between Actors

As soon as the politician’s interview went viral, Pakistani actor Feroze Khan came forward to present his opinion on him. He called Bilawal Bhutto a cartoon.

The statement did not sit well with actress Mathira, and she clapped back at Feroze Khan for his derogatory remarks about the young politician. Taking to her Instagram stories, Mathira called out Feroze for bullying, labeling Bilawal as a ‘cartoon’. She said:

It’s a very mean thing to say to anyone. Bilawal is different, but he’s the best.

It is pertinent to mention that Feroze Khan is a strong PTI supporter. He stood against Reham Khan and called her a snake earlier when she shared a video with PML-N leaders and taunted Imran Khan, saying:

Kidhar hai Niazi? Dar gaya kya?

Although Mathira has defended Bilawal Bhutto generously, Feroze Khan hasn’t replied to her statement yet.

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  • Anyone with a little experience in dealing with people can tell when a person speaking the truth and also when a nervous cartoon is telling a lie. Look at Bilawal’s usual fake smile, and on the top look at his lips turned dry and white when this question was asked and open his mouth, cashing his NANA and MOTHER’s deaths in his favor, he was never forced he was also an import of an immature or un-known product by Asif Zardari, hoping people will never know what is this and vote to see the outcome, but unfortunately for this family, this creature is been identified by the nation and it doesn’t belong to planet Pakistan.

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