Maula Tariq Jameel Was Spotted In A White Limousine And People Absolutely Lost It – See It Here

Religious preachers are often criticized for conveying extremist views and creating a divide of hatred between the believers. In this perception, Maulana Tariq Jameel is undoubtedly among very few of the scholars who preach something beyond hatred and instead asks the followers to ‘disagree, not hate’.

With his neutral views and peaceful perception Islam, Tariq Jamil is popular among people of all sects and age groups, especially the youth. However, a recent incident has put his followers and critics in a social media argument. Maulana Tariq Jamil was spotted in a white limousine in Canada and pictures made it to the internet.

As they say, once it is on the internet, there s no going back. In no time it has already sparked the debate that how these religious preachers are cashing on the name of Islam, leading extremely lavish lives themselves.
Here is what people had to say about this:

Well-loved ARY anchor Iqrar ul Hassan Syed also defended Maulana saying that the hate he is getting is beyond his understanding. Here is what he said about the criticism Tariq Jameel was receiving since a couple of days:

After all the hatred he received, Maulana also spoke about it and said his part of the story. Despite all of it, his response is very humble and respectful.

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