Maulana Tariq Jamil criticized for selling overpriced abayas [PICTURES]

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MTJ abayas

The famous religious scholar, Maulana Tariq Jamil, has been criticized widely on social media as his clothing brand MTJ is selling overpriced abayas.

The abayas launched under the brand range from 20,000 to 30,000 PKR.

The last time the public expressed outrage over overpriced items at MTJ, the brand clarified that was not the case. It was rumored that the Islamic brand was selling naras/drawstring for PKR 550.

The brand specifically addressed the rumors and revealed that it doesn’t even sell the article.

However, this time it’s not a misunderstanding; some people specifically visited the MTJ Flagship store on Tariq Road, Karachi, to confirm. They are indeed selling Abayas priced at over PKR 20K.

People complained that these abayas should be made accessible to women of all classes since TJ promotes modesty.



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  • Yai wo loog hon gai jinho nai kabhi abaya nahi pehna hoga ya acchi quality ka abaya nahi daikha hoga. I myself bought an abaya for 7000 rs 12 years ago from an unbranded shop but the material was good . If you go for pure material in clothing or abaya then that is expensive. Saudi Arabia has different variety and prices of abayas according to your budget. If you want to go for low quality then it’s your choice and if you want to spend money then even that is your choice. I would rather look at the quality of material instead of price . You get what you pay for ……

  • They sell mid to high quality branded imported abayas.

    I think Baba Jani has low to mid quality abayas too.

  • یہ ہزار سے ڈیڑھ ہزار والی شلوار قمیض کہاں سے ملتی ہے؟

    بخض مولانا میں اب اتنی لمبی لمبی بھی نہ چھوڑو

  • Yaar,
    In market, there always exist multiple options for buyers. Everyone decide to opt for any option according to their purchasing power. If one afford to buy at MTJ then ok and if not then he/she will opt for other places in the market. This is unnecessary criticism. There are different brands which offer more prices than MTJ but targeting only MTJ is not justifiable.

  • Jo b Orat ye MTJ wala abaya pehne ga wo direct janaat main jaegi ku k us p Molana Shb ka Tag laga hua ha….
    ‘MTJ’ Naam e Kaafi ha… ?

  • MTJ should have a very low quality abaya for 2000 and then let people decide which one they want to wear… This is business not a charity. He is selling to people who can afford these prices..

  • Maa chudao na buy kero wahan se. It is upto Maulana k wo jitna marzi ka bechain. Maderchodo ager itni tanqeed kisi corrupt politician per ki hoti to aj Pakistan ka yeh haal na hota….

  • Or Junaid Jamshed Marhoom se to sb log mehngi cheezen lene pe khush hain
    Kindly point out J. as well no one should be allowed to hike prices

  • تیس ہزار کےشارٹس خریدے جا سکتے ہیں تو عبایا کیوں نہیں ۔۔۔۔

    • Shani bhai 30th k shorts bechnay walay own kartay hain k wo mehenga brand hain, religion k naam pay exploit nahi kartay ( Allah muaaf karay)

  • Damagh kharab hai, insane,,, this brand has gone mad, preachers not the followers. Ready to raise fingers and all set to preach islam but not ready to implement in their own lives. Then they call themselves the OWNERS and believers of islam. Kasam say these maulvis, may Allah save us from them. Please ppls Quran has a solution to each and every thing,read it , learn it yourself.let them know they are normal ppl and no superior than any other muslim. BHAI BHAI.

  • product prices consists of many parameters like raw material, manufacturing cost, utilities, salaries, marketing cost etc. One who sell decide the cost of product by considering all these paramerters plus some suitable profit margin. So, if a buyer doesn’t afford that price he/she shouldn’t purchase that. As simple as that he/she looks for the product which lies within our budget.

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