‘Maximum Pressure Strategy’: Coronavirus crisis in Iran worsens amidst tight US sanctions

The outbreak also impacted the US sanctions on Iran, giving them a new air of cruelty unachievable by any civilizational standard.

The outbreak of coronavirus in Iran poses a serious threat that could unbalance the healthcare system and other resources that are mandatory to fight the disease.

However, the outbreak also impacted the US sanctions on Iran, giving them a new air of cruelty unachievable by any civilizational standard. These sanctions will now be stigmatized in the world community as an act of dangerous cruelty unless the US government steps back from its ‘maximum pressure strategy’.

The coronavirus has shaken Iran to its core and has presented another test for the survival of the country’s political system. According to the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani, the virus strategically impacted the US sanctions by forcing Iran’s neighbours to close their borders, adding to the country’s isolation.

The response from the US has been tepid. It allowed waivers for humanitarian aid, such as medicine and food, through a Swiss channel. Trump also offered personal aid but Iran rejected the generous offer but welcomed aid offered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Europe.

Sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump go against the basic altruistic need to help Iranis in their struggle against the virus.

‘’There is a good deal of consternation in Iran today that the US government wants to take credit for small humanitarian gestures, while it continues to slap Iran with hurtful sanctions that restrict outside assistance to Iran. It is like someone stabbing you constantly with a huge knife and offering a small bandage”, said a political scientist from Tehran.

“Ironically, Iran and the US now have a new common enemy besides the [Islamic State] – but sadly, the US with its sanctions prohibits us from fighting it effectively”, the professor added.

It is worth mentioning here that the sanctions the US has put on Iran are not authorized by the UN, which backed the 2015 nuclear accord through Security Council Resolution 2231.

According to a news outlet, the humanitarian waivers provided by the US are inadequate. The on-going curbs on doing business with Iran have birthed impediments to Iran’s ability to access vital medical supplies.

Despite the US pushing for more sanctions, the tables are turning in favour of Iran. Now, it has become difficult for the US government to justify its behaviour towards Iran during the country’s time of need.

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