MBBS Doctor From Lahore Committed Suicide Because Of Being Unemployed And It Needs Our Attention

Lack of career counseling and educating students about the future prospects in the job market often leads to depression and disappointment once they are out in the practical field. Amongst the ‘preferred’ professions, medical is regarded as the most respectable profession due to the societal image, that explains the large number of institutions offering the degree and huge influx of student yearly. The effort that goes into it truly deserves all the appreciation, but the lack of career counseling usually creates a void, where depression takes control. The results are grim, that extend from minor behavioral changes to extreme disorders, and in this unfortunate case, even suicide.

Dr. Shoaib from Lahore committed suicide by taking poisonous pills. Shoaib was an MBBS doctor who gave up his life because of unemployment. The unfortunate incident did incite a debate on how suicide is completely unislamic and religiously we have been ordered to never lose hope, but still, we can’t let ourselves be deluded of our role. Even a minor comment from the closest related people can serve as a bullet for someone already fighting a battle inside their head. We need to be more considerate and kind while dealing with people, and education institutions do need to prepare students for practical challenges they might face as well.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

There is a lot of energy and hard work that goes into doing MBBS and not being able to find a job can force an individual to think temporarily that all their effort has gone into vain.
The impact of one situation can vary from person to person and how we could’ve reacted, cannot be generalized. We should play our part in our own capacities and provide for the people around, whether you can help them by decreasing their suffering or by just being there and assuring them they are not alone.

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Mostly suicide cases occur because people feel they are alone in the suffering and no one understands them. It is a  thought process that accumulates slow behavioral changes and cutting social connections. Make sure you are being there for your loved ones before it’s too late!


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