MeAt20: Here’s How Your Favorite Celebrities Looked at 20

People participating in #MeAt20 are required to post their picture back when they were 20 years old.

Every day, we get to see new challenges and trends on social media. Recently, the new trend that has taken over the internet is #MeAt20.

People participating in it are required to post their picture of when they were 20-year-old. Millions of people have participated in this social media trend across the world which also includes famous showbiz celebrities, politicians, sportsmen and others.

Pakistanis are also actively participating in the #MeAt20 trend. Not just the common people but many top celebrities, politicians and sportsmen have also posted their pictures from their young age.

Let’s go down memory lane and see how they looked at 20:

Mahira Khan Shares Her Picture From Her First Photoshoot.

Hard to Believe This is Shehzad Roy at 20 But…..

Sharmila Faruqi:

Aijaz Aslam: 

Yasir Hussain

Frieha Altaf:

Hadiqa Kiani

Juggun Kazim

Sharjeel Memon:

Hussain Haqqani

Shoaib Akhtar 

Shaan Shahid 

Humayun Saeed

Fahad Mustafa 

Ali Zafar 

Fakhir Mehmood 

Imran Ashraf 

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20 saal ka mein

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Rabia Anum

Ajmal Jami

Hamid Mir

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