Media fraternity protests against censorship after video of ‘controversial’ talk show taken down from YouTube

TV anchor fired after guest Imran Khan names alleged landgrabber as relative of a 'powerful personality'.

Reportedly Anchor Adnan Haider lost his job after airing this clip. ?(The whole show is removed from Public News's…

Posted by Adeel Habib on Friday, January 29, 2021


Pakistan’s media fraternity and journalist community have shown concern regarding censorship after a host was allegedly fired from a TV channel following a controversial show. Anchor Adnan Haider,  who was working at Public TV, was allegedly forced to leave his job because of remarks made by guest journalist Imran Khan.

Guest Imran Khan described the alleged landgrabber as a relative of a ‘powerful personality’.

Following the episode, the video was taken down from the channel’s official YouTube account. The display of control and censorship despite on violation of journalistic standards has sparked a debate regarding the state of freedom of speech in Pakistan.

”Another TV anchor fired in Pakistan who says there is no censorship here?”, commented Hamid Mir.

Anchor Adnan Haider himself tweeted that the reaction over the ‘reply’ shows how powerful the question was.

Other journalists and activists also raised their voice and expressed support for Haider.

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