Medical College Or Jail? – This Institute Has The Weirdest Rules For Students

Since few days, a video of the administrative body of a medical college in Lahore named the Avicenna Medical College were smashing smartphones of students for using them in the classroom. The viral video garnered a lot of attention and criticism as the cellphones being smashed were quite expensive.


The dean of the college, who happens to be a former army officer, said that the extreme step was taken to ensure that the students are abiding by the rules. Apparently, the college doesn’t allow students to use cellphones in college premises – but it doesn’t end here.

The institute claims to be working on the motto of ‘Goodness Prevails’’, but few absurd policies or as they call it, ‘’Rules and Regulations’’ show that they believe in enforcing it on their students. So in this private medical college, everything is predefined and forced upon, from what they have to wear, when they should cut your hair, when they should eat and whom they should meet. Not just this, the college determines on which social media sites should the students should use.

Yes, it’s 2018! Even knowing that in hostels students don’t have access to televisions individually and the only way to connect to the outside world is social media, the college strictly prohibits the students to have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms as the institute defines them as ‘undesirable’. Not just that, use of Internet in the rooms is forbidden as well.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the policy yourself:

If only you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it actually does. Take a glance at the dress code and visiting guidelines as well:

Furthermore, the college also has ‘special rules’ for the female students as well.

Every institute has rules and it’s respectable, as long as they don’t start forcing on them. They are fully grown individuals studying in the medical college, and we have to accept some of these rules are totally unacceptable and suffocating.

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