Medical Examination Of Army Officer’s Juvenile Maid Shows Multiple Fractures

The news of Army officer’s and her husband’s physical torture of the juvenile maid made rounds on social media and sprung the Minister for Human Rights into action.

The girl named Kinza, only 11 years of age, was rescued by the officer’s neighbours having horrifying wounds all over the body. She was employed at the residence of Major Doctor Ammara Riaz and Dr Mohsin Raza.

The minor said that her masters were often beat her during sleeping, would physically assault her and stand on her chest. She also said that they would often beat her using different objects for eating biscuits and starve her as punishment. Their neighbour who used Facebook to raise the issue also said that it was a repetitive behaviour pattern.

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The employers, however, maintained that she wasn’t subjected to any physical torture, but was in fact injured in an attempt to escape their residence. She was sent off to Samundri (her hometown) with her father but was brought back after the case went viral on social media, pressing for action.

Despite the allegations being shrug off by both of them, the initial medical examination has confirmed that she was tortured. An x-ray revealed that she has two broken ribs, that strengthen her allegations. Not only this, but three cuts have also been found on the victim’s head. The cuts are a result of an attack with a sharp instrument with multiple bruises on the minor’s body. After she complained of severe pain, she was subjected to a medical exam, along with consultation with a neurologist.

The X-ray revealed she has fractures on 8th and 9th rib on her left side, causing intense pain.


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