Meera Says ‘There Are Better Actors Than Mahira, Stop Promoting Her’ – See The Viral Video Here

Pakistani showbiz is an industry where new actresses are continuously replacing old due to the large influx of new talents in the society. But there are few who have remained relevant always with one way or another.One of them is the infamous Meera Jee!

We have a fair idea that there is a cold war between Pakistan’s sensation Mahira Khan and Meera as they have occasionally thrown some shade at each other.
Prior to this, Meera commented that the fans shouldn’t waste their time watching Ho Mann Jahan as she doesn’t know to act at all. As the backdrop, Meera also blamed Mahira in an interview with for leading a campaign against her which made her lose her Bollywood projects and got herself one (HEAT).

Just after two days of 10th Annual Masala in Dubai, where Mahira and Meera were spotted together in a picture (Meera was cropped out of the viral snap but she was present there), Meera turns her criticism gun at Mahira once again.

Mahira, in a recent viral video, said that media should stop promoting Mahira. She said that there are many actors and actresses that are better looking and more talented than her. According to her, due to her stealing all the spotlight and media attention, the deserved actors miss the praise.
Here is the viral video:

Meera does make the highlight every now and then due to her controversial statements. But this cold war has taken a brutal turn now. Let’s see how Mahira responds to it or chooses to completely ignore it.

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