Meesha Shafi hurt by personal attacks at her mother, Saba Hameed, in court

Meesha said that her mother was asked nothing of legal importance by a lawyer.

Saba Hameed

Senior Pakistani actress, Saba Hameed, has been subjected to unnecessary questioning in court following the Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar case.

The singer-turned-actress Meesha Shafi grew angry at the way her mother was treated. She explained how victims remain silent because of intolerant treatment in court by officials who are supposed to uphold the law.

Meesha said that her mother was asked nothing of legal importance by a lawyer. Instead, the questioning focused on personal aspects of the lives of people close to Saba Hameed.

The singer took to her Twitter account and shared, “Seeing my family, especially my mother, being attacked with these irrelevant, baseless, consciously triggering lines of questioning just to distract from the real issue is exactly the reason why victims stay quiet.”

“Very painful day. The opp council tried to humiliate my mother in court by attacking my respected grandfather (may his soul RIP) and then my brother’s brilliant art. Both men far above the lack of stature needed for this sort of moral deprivation.”

Meanwhile, many celebrities have supported Meesha Shafi after the singer uploaded a video clip of her mother handling the issue elegantly.

Famous Pakistani singer supported Mesha saying, “crass v grace. I don’t have to say which word is for whom.”

Former model and host, Iffat Omar, tweeted:

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