Meesha Shafi’s Canadian Bungaloft is giving us major house goals [VIDEOS + PICTURES]

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A lot of effort and thought goes into designing a house that reflects your individual personality. What should the furniture look like? What paint will fit the rooms best? Wooden floors or carpet? There’s just so much to think about when you’re looking to decorate the space you call home.

Since it’s such tough work, it’s always good to look around for inspiration. What are your favorite celebrities doing to beautify their homes is a great way to channel your inner creativity.

Recently, musician-cum-actress Meesha Shafi gave her fans and followers a little tour of her Canadian “bungaloft” and we all could use some serious tips and tricks from her artsy space. The singer’s home looks quite like her outfits – a lot of color, a variety of textures, and endless elements.

Here are all the details of Meesha Shafi’s Canadian bungaloft:

The house features a variety of exquisite furniture, technicolor carpets and cushions, and antique pieces. While the pieces are nice, the highlight of the space is the many planters Meesha Shafi has placed in her house. Another great part of the actress’ home are the white walls with big windows that fill the space with natural light on bright sunny days.

While taking her fans on the house tour, Meesha Shafi revealed a lot of interesting details too. The singer said:

Going to show you the same space in the daytime too, starting from here for perspective. I recently learned that our type of house is called a bungaloft. It’s split into all these levels. While on the same floor when you look out different windows, you’ll sometimes be level with the ground, sometimes below, and at other times above.

Here is a series of images and videos that showcase Meesha Shafi’s beautiful Canadian bungaloft:

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  • sorry but im sick of celebrities giving us ‘relationship goals’, house goals, and what not. These are not the people we look up to.

  • Her place is like a golaganda… too many colors, too many patterns, too many repeat plants, carpets everywhere… even on sofas. Filling a house with stuff doesn’t mean u have style

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