Meesha Shafi comes out in support of LGS 1A1 victims of harassment

In response to Meesha's tweet, a follower suggested that the victims of LGS 1A1 scandal should opt for the legal route.

The Pakistani actor, model, and singer, Meesha Shafi, was one of the pioneers of the #MeToo movement in Pakistan. She accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment in April 2018, which propelled the #MeToo movement in Pakistan.

Being a fighter herself, Meesha Shafi joined in as soon as social media was flooded with girls breaking their silence and calling out the male teachers at their schools (LGS 1A1) who sexually harassed the female students. The renowned singer took to Twitter to extend her support to these women and girls who were brave enough to step forward:

I feel as if the pain and trauma that I had suffered was worth so much. Your bravery is my reward. I am with you all.

In response to Meesha\\’s tweet, a follower suggested that the victims of LGS 1A1 scandal should opt for the legal route, the singer replied with sarcasm:

To update those who are unaware It is pertinent to mention the development of the LGS 1A1 scandal here. On Sunday, dozens of girls took to social media to share accounts of harassment and inappropriate behavior.

The female students of Lahore Grammar School (LGS) 1A1, Ghalib Market branch, shared that the male teachers at their private school constantly preyed on them. The girls pointed fingers towards the management of the school and some female teachers too for fueling the fire, as for years they kept brushing the constant complaints by the students regarding the matter under the carpet. It gets even more sickening as most of the girls studying at the private school were minors.

The publicly shared victim accounts revealed that the sexual harassment incidents had been ongoing for the past four or five years. The students regularly reported the matter to the administration and the teachers; however, none took action. In fact, they all resorted to victim-blaming.

There was no option left for the girls, but to share their ordeal on social media. So they came forward and called out three teachers, namely Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh, Umer Shareef, and Zahid Iqbal Warraich. As soon as the allegations surfaced and the matter became public, the administration took strict and immediate action by firing the accused male teachers of LGS 1A1.

Following the uproar on social media, the Minister for Human Rights, Dr. Shireen Mazari said:

I have taken serious notice of the allegations, and I have alerted the ministry\\’s regional offices.

The Education Minister of Punjab, Dr. Murad Raees, took to Twitter and said that he would personally deal with the case, showing his support too:

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