Meet the 10 years old Hafiz-e-Quran who won AI award in the US

A Pakistani family, the Mayets, won an AI Award for creating a device that uses artificial intelligence to monitor a child’s brushing habits.



  • A Pakistani family, the Mayets, won an AI Award for creating a device named the Cavity Crusher.
  • The AI Family Challenge in the first ever AI World Championship in Santa Clara, USA.
  • 10 years old Hafiz-e-Quran Mohammad Yasir was part of the team. 

Pakistan has a plethora of talent and a rich intellectual and Pakistan has every right to feel proud in it. 10 years old Hafiz e Quran and winner of AI award, Mohammad Yasir, gives us a proof of that.

10 years old Pakistani kid along with his family have won the AI award in America with their innovative device Cavity Crusher. Yasir participated in AI family challenge in the first world championship in Santa Clara, the USA, along with his parents, junior division.

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The selections criteria were how the devices invented by the participant families are helping the community by using Artificial Intelligence.


The Cavity Crusher:

Speaking to a media channel, Mohammad Yasir shared that their device is inspired by the biggest problem children face: cavity. While looking up on the internet, Yasir came across a study which said that tooth cavities in children have become the number one chronic illness in the world.

When he searched for the reason, he came to know that it is basically because children don’t brush their teeth for the recommended four minutes. Providing a solution to the issue, they came up with an innovative device Cavity crusher.

Cavity crusher monitors if the child has brushed their teeth or not and for how many minutes. After keeping a record of the child’s brushing habits, they are sent to the parents so they are aware of it.

What do you think about the Cavity Crusher? Do you think it will provide a sustainable solution to the cavity problem? Share with us in the comments bar below.

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