Meet Dante, Pakistan’s first-ever business robot journalist

Pakistan has introduced its first ever business robot journalist with the name Dante. Dante writes and publishes a comprehensive report on stocks traded at PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) in a few seconds after the market is closed.

CEO of baseH Technologies, award-winning tech startup, Anisuddin Sheikh said that the report is published at earliest.

“The Pakistan Stock Exchange is closed at 3:30pm (from Monday to Thursday and at 4:30pm on Friday) and it gets the daily report published before it is 3:31pm” – he said. 

The RoboJournalist Dante has been writing reports for a few days. The robot is also capable of doing weather and sports reporting. Later, it will also be equipped with knowledge of other subjects like health, culture and education.

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“We have advanced talks with three big media houses in Pakistan for deployment of the AI technology” – the founder of the said startup said. 

“The report is free from human errors and unbiased. Media houses may feed their editorial policies to the content-writing software before generating such reports.” – Anisuddin claimed. 

It can also help the analysts take better decisions and significantly decrease their workload. It can significantly contribute in the financial sector at securities brokerage houses, asset management companies and in other sectors in the financial industry.

“TheRoboJournalist writes the report after taking into account the related fundamental analytics, technical information (like graphs and charts) and gauging prevailing sentiments. It also takes into account the development taking place on social media, irrespective of whether the development is true or not to gauge the sentiment” – Anisuddin Sheikh said speaking to a local news source. 

The software can help increase efficiency and reduce time, that too at a nominal cost.

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