Meet Dr. Tahir Khan – A Police Constable With A PhD

Pakistan is full of heroes who have broken stereotypes and have set examples for us to follow with their brave encounters with challenges and difficulties that life dished them with. Without any supernatural powers like the traditional heroes of our movies, these humans have achieved extraordinary goals with their ordinary, yet consistent and determined efforts.

There are people who fall prey to the circumstances and let them distract from their actual goals. However, then there are people who happen to the circumstances and change them no matter how uneven the path is.

Today, we celebrate one of the unsung heroes. Meet Tahir Khan Malik – a police constable from Peshawar. You must be thinking what is so extraordinary about a police constable, the position where the individuals usually struggle to make their ends meet. Being severely underpaid, lacking basic resources and equal to no facilities, Police’s subordinate staff is unarguably among the deprived segment when it comes to amenities and accommodations. But, beating all this Tahir Khan or should we say, Dr Tahir Khan is a PhD. He got his PhD in biotechnology from the University Of Peshawar in 2016, while performing his duties in uniform.

Shackled in poverty, being burdened by piles of responsibilities and fighting a new battle every day to fulfil those responsibilities, Tahir didn’t give up on his dream to improve and attain the highest educational achievement.

Tahir says that when he started his job, he didn’t even buy a single pair of shoes or shopped for anything for himself. It took him 10 years to fulfil his dream of attaining PhD, but he did it.
His family, especially his father has been the biggest driving force in his life. Unfortunately, he didn’t live long enough to see his son reaching this milestone.

Tahir said that he is well aware that his job is below his qualification as you only require a matriculation for a constable, but for him, knowledge and education mean more than that. It is about reforming his entire life and he owns that.

Dr Tahir Khan showed that no matter how hard the circumstances are if you are determined, nothing can keep you away from your dreams.

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