Meet Pakistani Man Who Serves Free Food To Homeless In The USA

Generosity and love for humanity see no boundaries and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of national identity.

This Pakistani is a living example of it. On the north-west streets of Washington DC, Kazi Mannan runs a small restaurant. But what makes it unique is with rolling his own circle of life, this man with a big heart gives away free meals to those in need.

Hailing from a small village called Kuri Shareef in Pakistan, Kazi wasn’t born in very privileged circumstances. Coming from a deprived area with no electricity facilities, education, running water and a big family to take care off, Mannan decided to come to America to make the ends meet and explore new opportunities for himself.

Coming to States with only $3 in his pocket, Manna worked tirelessly the entire week and worked two jobs – sending every penny he earned to his father. Soon, his hard work started to pay off and he started working at a car rental company, where he drove a limousine and offered luxury services to people.

an old picture of Kazi Mannan’s family

That particularly was the turning point in his life, as he speaks of it. Mannan says that sitting in the limo, staring out of the window, he saw many underprivileged and homeless people looking for food in the trash cans. Kazi Mannan said that it broke his heart.

“I used to see my mother, how she would cook. And even when we were very poor, she would share the food with the neighbours. “

Inspired by her mother’s examples, Kazi vowed to make a difference in his capacity. He said he would pray to God that if he has a restaurant of his own, he will welcome all the homeless people and offer them food for free. He said he wanted them to eat with dignity and not look through trash cans.

Being a living example of compassion, Kazi Mannan is literally practically showing that humanity sees no boundaries.

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