Meet Pakistan’s Hero: Dr. Abdul Bari Khan

We often see news of inconsiderate and unprofessional medical practitioners and doctors in Pakistan. Cases after cases of them dealing with the patients with utmost disregard and disrespect make it to social media, however, there still are professionals who are leading their career by heart and are well-aware of the impact they can make in someone’s life.

Among them is Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, initiator of the revolutionary Indus Hospital. The journey started back in 1986, when horrible blasts hit Karachi, killing 72 people and leaving 250 injured.

Being a witness of the tragedy, it left an ever-lasting impression on Dr. Bari’s heart ad rather than sitting helplessly, waiting for the next tragedy to hit and shake our conscience, he initiated a beautiful and exemplary journey.

Working as part of the student-run Patient Welfare Association, they started the project of renovating the Civil Hospital Karachi. They started indulging in the campaign aggressively, going from door to door, asking for help. In 1987, they managed to set up Accident and Emergency ward.

But they realized that it is not enough. To make quality health-care facilities accessible to the lesser fortunate, they had to set up an independent hospital, absolutely free. After years of dedication and efforts, they were able to fulfill their dream until 2007, setting The Indus Hospital – a hospital that ran completely on donations.

Dr. Bari is a cardiology specialist and also aided in setting up the Rufaydah Foundation (RF). It treats those who can’t afford medical facilities and breathes new life in them.
When the majority of the society has started to see doctors as least-concerned, money hungry butchers, people like Dr. Bari re-establish our faith in the profession and actually verifies why doctors as called ‘Messiah’ in the first place.

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