Meet Rabia, 22-years Old Fighter Pilot Gracing Pakistan Airforce

We live in that part of the world where women are believed to belong behind the closed doors, where the can’t cross the boundary that separates their home from the outside world. Where it is believed that women are vulnerable and need to be ‘extra’ protected in preventive buffers, there is this woman who is breaking all stereotypes and doing something that even men in our society find it hard to do.

Meet Rabia, a 22 years old fighter pilot. It’s delightful to see and a matter of pride for the nation that now our sisters and daughters are striving to perform duties that need intense gallantry and fearlessness i.e defending the nation.

Not very long ago, a brave she-roe made the headlines after the immortal sacrifice she gave for this nation. Pakistan’s First Fighter women pilot Maryam Mukhtar, who is a complete story of strength, bravery and courage in herself, sacrificed her life for this beautiful country. Her sacrifice holds immense significance not only in highlighting the efforts that our countrymen in arms make to protect us, but also to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that how women are playing a part in this.

Rabia is another hero of the same story. The passion she has to serve her nation shines through her eyes. What these brave women are doing not only is strengthening our defense, but also are showing an unconventional and unorthodox image of the fragile gender.

Rabia says that she is proud of what she does. She says that especially in the present time when Pakistan is at high external and internal threat, women need to share the burden of their male counterparts in defending their sacred land.

No doubt, women like her not only are a matter of honor for all of us but also are a brilliant example to follow for the younger women to follow.

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