Meet Sana from Faisalabad, the first Pakistani woman to start a mobile repair shop

Sana trained for three months before opening the shop.

Netizens have been praising a young girl named Sana from Faisalabad for starting her own mobile phone repair shop. 

She is the first female in Pakistan to open up her own Mobile Repairing Lab after completing her training and getting financial support from the Association for Women’s Awareness and Rural Development (AWARD) Pakistan.

Sana trained for three months before opening the shop. She wants to continue studying with a monthly earning of PKR 39,000. 

mobile repair shop

Most of her customers are women. They say her shop makes them feel safe because of data security.

Speaking to a source, the 20-year-old said, ” I am getting work from big labs as well, for repairing. Many customers visit my shop, and most of them are women. I wish to have my own big mobile store one day.”

mobile repair shop

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