Meet Sarah, Pakistan’s First Ever Anti-Corruption Female Comic Superhero

Through recent years, Pakistan has taken a big step forward when it comes to bridging the gender gap.
Breaking free from shackles of patriarchy and male dominance, women have shown their potential in workplaces and in all spheres of life in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan as well.

However, still, there are certain roles that are perceived to be associated with male gender. To change that orthodox perception, Hassan Siddiqui has taken a brilliant step with her innovative comic character Sarah, starring in his comic book Pakistan Girl.

Hassan also previously wrote a comic book named Pakistan Man, that is pretty popular since years and is even taught in schools.

Sarah shows an eccentric paradigm of women power and determination with her war with the dominant male figures, who hegemonize power and authority in the society.

The Basic Storyline

Sarah is a jolly girl, making the best out of her teenage years with her friends and a pet cat. After a series of unfortunate events in her life, Sarah finds out that she is blessed with unique superpowers. Sarah is later seen in action, fighting against the wrongdoings in the society.

She dedicates her powers to defend those who are suppressed in the society and are marginalized. Sarah is also seen coming face to face with evils like corruption, which shows that Hassan’s story not only depicts female gender in an unconventional way but also speaks of the issues that the country is currently facing.

A Brief Insight Of Sarah’s Character

Sarah depicts incontestable determination fighting domestic violence and corrupt cops. Without ruining the suspense and revealing everything about her, there is no doubt that she is one of her kind. Not only will her character inspire the youth to raise voice against injustice, but also the story speaks for millions of girls in Pakistan who have accepted domestic abuse as a cultural norm and have submitted to it.

Her character has already instigated a debate on social media, however, the good thing is that whether favored or criticized, the issue is being talked about.

We hope that Hassan Siddiqui’s Sarah inspires the younger generation to explore their potential and take a stand for themselves.

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