Meet SSP Peshawar Who Reached Agriculture University In Sleeping Dress To Save Lives & Became Hero

Innocent children in APS Peshawar, students in Bacha Khan University and Mashal Khan in AWKU – the wounds of the nation were still brimming when the terrorists again targeted Pakistan’s future today.
9 people martyred and over 30 injured as terrorists attacked Directorate of Agriculture Extension located on University Road, Peshawar earlier today morning.

With the efficient and proactive strategy of the security forces, all the terrorists were killed and further damage was prevented.
When on one hand, we see this brutal and absurd extremism being justified in the name of religion, we proudly have people like SSP Peshawar Sajjad Khan. Apart from being a commendable part of a successful operation against the terrorists, the man reached the site in his sleeping suit to perform his duty and didn’t even waste a second, not even for changing his uniform.

On the day of Holy Prophet (SAWW)’s birth, SSP Sajjad set a wonderful example of selflessness and bravery, truly showing the world how a dedicated follower of Islam should be.

Later speaking to Media, he told that five armed reached the compound in a Rickshaw. He further told that the terrorists were wearing burkas to avoid detection. Their first target was the security guard and then they entered the students’ hostel.

SSP Sajjad Khan appreciated the police’s and army’s efforts and said that joint action successfully neutralized the threat otherwise it could’ve been a havoc. Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor also praised the police’s role and said that the efficient and timely action helped to control the situation.

We hope that this country keeps seeing heroes like him so that we know our security is in responsible hands.

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