Meet the father who pulled his son out of school so that he can focus on video games

Jordan ‘Crimz’ Herzog he also qualified for this year’s World Fortnite Championship.


  • Jordan ‘Crimz’ Herzog is looking to establish a career in eSports following his passion for video games. 

  • He has been training for it for ten years under his father’s supervision. 

  • Though his father is accused of ‘child abuse’, he thinks it is only a matter of perception.

While the world clings on to the traditional professions, this ambitious father has pulled his son out of school so that he can focus full time on playing video games.

49 years old Dave Herzog is a Canadian entrepreneur from Sudbury, has been training his son Jordan for an eSports career since the past ten years. His son was only three years old when he started off in the field and instantly showed his potential. He was already a skilled Halo player at the age of seven. At the age of ten, he was dominating local gamers.

But, there was a certain realization point where Dave felt his son could make a career out of this. Jordan won his first Halo tournament and earned gaming apparel worth $2000.

‘’A light bulb went off, once he started winning, it was easy to go all-in’’ – Dave said speaking to the international news source.

16 years old Jordan ‘Crimz’ Herzog is already one of the world’s most famed Fortnite players, and he also qualified for this year’s World Fortnite Championship. He will be competing with 200 other players from around the world, competing to win the $30 million prize.

Though he is passionate about it, his father says passion alone can take you nowhere. Jordan spends 8 to 10 hours every day playing Fortnite and eats in front of his computer. When he’s not playing, he watches YouTube videos and talks with this teammates.

Dave is accused of child abuse for supporting his son’s passion for video games:


He is also attending school classes online. Following the initial protests from his mother, Dave decided to pull their son out of school last year. He emailed his school, explaining the career prospects and how Jordan stands a good chance to make money out of his gaming passion. Although Dave’s decision met criticism and he was accused of child abuse, he says that it’s only a matter of perception.

‘’I’m not an idiot’’ – Dave said. ‘’I know there are social interactions that he’s going to miss out on but he’s got a major moment right now and we’ve got to take advantage out of it’’.

As for Jordan, he feels lucky to have a father who supports him. He said that he will miss out on social interactions but friends come and go and his only priority is to establish a career in eSports.

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