Meet The Man Who Is Travelling All Over Pakistan Cleaning Popular Tourist Locations

Pakistan is blessed with the natural gift of scenic beauty. But we have taken this blessing for granted as well. While Pakistan’s heart throbbing sceneries are an attraction for foreign visitors, the pollution has become a huge turn-off.

Neither the people nor the authorities have been successful so far in realizing their responsibility. But one man has.

Meet Saifullah Kashmiri – the man who is visiting the important locations across the country with an intention to clean them. Saif is travelling the country on his motorbike and cleans the locations, picks up the garbage himself as he visits them.

He started his tour ‘Clean Pakistan, Green Pakistan’ to spread cleanliness from Khunjrab and has already reached Rawalpindi. The purpose of his journey is to inspire others and make them realise about their civic responsibility.

Garbage disposal is one of the gravest issues Pakistan is facing, as it gives birth to health implications and environmental problems in the long-term. But even many educated and aware people throw garbage on these locations, without even realising it is something they shouldn’t be doing due to how widely accepted it has become.

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These public spots serve as the loudest call for the tourists when the tourism in Pakistan is already shrinking. But the irresponsibility of the people is ruining the beauty of these gifts of nature. In such a collective attitude of ignorance and lunacy, people like Saifullah are an inspiration and accurate examples of how a productive segment of the society should act.

Not only does his journey show his great love and commitment towards the wellbeing of his own country, but it also is an example to follow for people, especially the younger generation on how they should act.

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