Meet The Pakistani Boy Who Broke World Record Of O-levels

Pakistan may have a narrow intellectual cohort at present, but the future looks promising and bright. One of those shining stars that give us such hope is Qamar Muneer Akbar from Chinniot, who broke the world record in British O-levels Chemistry Exam. Well, this is not all that makes it a moment of pride for Pakistan. Interestingly, he broke the record of his own sister Sitara Brooj Akbar, who held the record in the past.

Sitara held this record before, made it in 2011 at the age of 10, where she had first set the record for passing O-levels Biology. At the age of 11, Sitara had passed six O-levels subjects, including core sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Taking to a local media source about his incredible achievement, Qamar not only showed the commitment to deliver more but also talked about bridging the education gap within Pakistan. Qamar said that he wants to do more for the country and make Pakistan proud. He added that more young children will have a platform to showcase their talent and capabilities if education is made free and affordable for all.

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This is not the only honour the siblings own to their names. Sitara also holds the record of being the youngest Pakistani to clear IELTS (International English Language Testing System), scoring 7 bands out of nine, and scored 7.5 on the testing system.

When Sitara broke the record in 2011, her mother said that she looks up to Dr Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s first Nobel Laureate, and take his mission forward.  Sitara wants to work in the field of Biochemistry and emerge as one of the most notable researchers in Pakistan.

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