Meet The Pakistani Kid With Multiple Records To His Name

muhammad ayad

Pakistani kid – Muhammad Ayad – has created history with multiple records to his name in early education.

The 2 year old has created different records in numerous countries, including Pakistan, Canada, United States and UK. Titled as the grand master in Asian records, Ayad bagged three gold medals in the memory championship held in Canada.

The Pakistani toddler is the only one in the world with a knowledge of more than a dozen different topics such as flags, maps of the world, capitals, periodic tables, bones, planes, fighter jets, life cycles of animals, anatomy of human beings, tanks and car logos.

In addition to this, he also knows multiple languages including French, Spanish and Arabic languages. Muhammad Ayad knowledge of science helps him perform different experiments without any assistance.

“Little Albert Einstein” is what people call him in the neighbouring country, India. His IQ is more than 150, as per a test conducted by a psychologist. The Pakistani toddler has photographic memory, a natural skill possessed by just two percent of the world.

Ayad has received high praise from Indian actor Santosh Shukla, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats, chairman of the world genius convention Tokyo, and Arfa Kareem’s mother.

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  • We can say that our feature is bright and our nation has natural talent and ability but our new generation face lake of opportunity and resources.

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