Meet Turkish YouTuber who creates content in Urdu to strengthen ties between Pakistan and Turkey

In just nine months, her videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views.


A Turkish YouTuber and Influencer, Turkan Atay, has been making videos on Turkish history, cultures, and traditions in Urdu after receiving a graduation degree from The Punjab University in Lahore.

Atay aims to strengthen relations between Pakistan and Turkey through her YouTube channel, which has more than 250k subscribers. In just nine months, her videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Speaking to a source, The YouTuber said, “I knew nothing about Pakistan. One day, I packed my bag and left Turkey, and came to Pakistan. At first, it was terrible. I cried and told my mother that I wanted to come home. Customs, lifestyle, and hospitality for guests – everything is very different.”

The 26-year-old further went on to say, “The main difference between the two countries is, of course, the food.”

She added, “I have always felt the advantage of being a Turk. When you visit Pakistan and say that you are Turkish, people will welcome you with open arms. I’ll go to Pakistan again whenever I get a chance.”

Atay shared the intention behind her YouTube channel, “I make videos in various areas such as daily life, meals, culture, education, Turkish TV dramas, weddings, and customs. I want to be a cultural ambassador between Turkey and Pakistan, who consider each other as sister countries. I receive a lot of positive feedback from my supporters, and I am fortunate in that respect.”

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