Meet two Pakistani women who are battling each other in UK’s Mayor elections

Both Pakistan-origin women are fiercely aiming to win the battle. 

In quite an interesting battle of giants, two Pakistani women, Salma Yaqoob and Naz Shah are competing with each other for the position of Mayor of West Midlands. Both are determined to give a tough fight to secure the seat for their respective parties. However, things have apparently started to get a little sour as both have resorted to personal attacks to defame each other.

Naz Shah, a Pakistan-British leader of UK’s Labour Party, has make some personal attacks on Salma Yaqoob, who also happens to be the favourite candidate in the battle. The former has alleged the later for using ‘hate speech’ against her in 2017 general elections.

A senior member of the Labour Party, Patay Khan, has urged the people to vote for a better Muslim, implying that Salma’s dressing tells us a lot about her personality. Both Pakistan-origin women are fiercely aiming to win the battle.

Asim Hussain, a local Imam, is also backing Naz Shah and took the stage to defame Salma Yaqoob as well. Not to forget, UK is not free from the use of religion card as well as a senior member of the Labour Party, Patay Khan has urged the Muslims to vote for the ‘better Muslim’. He said that Salma’s dressing tells ‘a lot about her personality’.

He further went on making a rather indecent and inhumane comparison. 

Even when we buy a dog, we look for its breed. Choose for a better Muslim between Naz Shah and Salma Yaqoob.

Naz says she believes in keeping up with ethics in politics and has never disrespected anyone. However, Salma says she has disrespected her and hence it makes her an unfit candidate to compete in the elections in the first place.

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  • Naz Shah is already an MP from Bradford, not sure why she wants to run for the Mayor role. She also ran a controversial campaign against George Galloway.

    I have personally known Salma for the last 30 years, she is a good lady.

  • NAZ Shah is MP from Bradford and contesting elections in West Midlands i.e Birmingham, Walsall etc. Why not in Yorkshire?

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