Meet 13-year-old Usman Rafique – Pakistan’s Next Big YouTuber

His YouTube channel is 'Middle Class Usman'

Amidst the global pandemic and in these times of hopelessness and desperation, young talents like Usman Rafique are coming forward and making waves on social media.

Thirteen-year-old Usman runs a YouTube channel called ‘Middle Class Usman Rafique’. His vlogs are being watched and appreciated throughout the country.

The adorable boy has won the hearts of everyone, and in such distressing times, is putting a smile on everyone’s face.

One of his videos showing his morning routine and how life is when you’re a student school made everyone go back in time and feel nostalgic about their own school days.


In his interview with Dawn News, the boy told how the videos of Casey Neistat motivated him to make his own channel. He asked his cousin if he could make videos one day too, and his cousin did not disappoint. In fact, his cousin was the one who made the little boy his YouTube channel. He is also helping Usman with making videos now.

The boy has gained a lot of following because of his wholesome content and positivity. His intelligence is not hidden from anyone. He says that editing videos for the channel takes a lot of his time and effort.

Usman Rafique is teaching everyone it’s the little things in life that matter and how you can do absolutely anything you want to in life with determination and hard work.

Watch his latest vlog:

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  • Good going little champ, highlighting the middle class issues in a way as well. This is the class difference, we have to do something for.

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