Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter says Kashmiris could relate to PM Khan’s UNGA speech

“He spoke up for Kashmiris”.


Iltija Mufti, the daughter of Mehbooba Mufti, former chief minister of occupied Kashmir, admired Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at the United Nations, she said that the people of occupied Kashmir valley classify with him more than other political leaders.

“He spoke up for Kashmiris,” – Iltija stated while in an interview with BBC.

“His speech [at UNGA] went for half an hour and Kashmiris really respect the fact that he did.” – She continued.

Disapproving Narendra Modi’s decision regarding Article 370 being revoked for development purposes in IOK (Indian Occupied Kashmir), she said that the Indian government wants to cause demographic changes in the Muslim majority state.

“The development argument is a deeply flawed one and it does not cut it,” – she added.

When questioned if there was the hope of a constructive dialogue being held with New Delhi for IOK’s future, she asked if they could have hope in a government that gets afraid of 9-year-old boys and detains them.

Further on, Iltija said that it’s a big tragedy, that after 72 years, when leadership of the region “acceded to a secular and a democratic India”, every Kashmiri is thinking whether or not it was the right choice, as this India is not the same as Gandhi’s India

“We are hurtling towards Godse’s idea of India which crushes dissent and which doesn’t have space for democracy,” – she warned

“It does not want to embrace people of different ethnicities and cultures. The soul of this county is being assaulted every day.”

“Kashmir has acute electricity crises,” – she said.

It produces 4,312 Mw of hydropower, but the government of India only gives us 13 percent. One of the points in our agenda was to return these power projects to Kashmir so that Kashmiris can have electricity like the rest of the cities, but these things were never done,”- Iltija said while referring to her mother behind a part of IOK’s government.

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