After Mehran, Pak Suzuki decides to discontinue selling another popular model in Pakistan

A steady decline in sales followed the weakening popularity of the Suzuki Swift.

The Suzuki Swift was introduced in Pakistan in 2010. Ever since its launch, the car has been the peoples\\’s favorite. The car has been extremely popular in the domestic auto market. For years, the car\\’s sales record remained excellent.

However, over the past few years, the popularity of the Suzuki Swift has significantly declined. The fact that Pak Suzuki did not design any major changes or did not generate any upgrades in the second-generation Suzuki Swift added to the car\\’s decline.

A steady decline in sales followed the weakening popularity of the Suzuki Swift.

Recently, Pak Suzuki Motors decided to stop selling the second-generation Suzuki Swift in Pakistan. After the evergreen Suzuki Mehran, this is the second popular car model that Pak Suzuki has decided to discontinue selling.

As per details, the second-generation Suzuki Swift will not be available for sale in the Pakistani market after August 2022. Any news of fresh models being introduced in the Pakistani auto market after the Suzuki Swift\\’s departure has not been discussed yet.

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  • suzuki itself should get lost. they have sold substandard crap to the consumer for far tooo long.

  • Suzuki was a well loved car in the 80s, when it was considered an economical, and well manufactured small alternate to the corollas and sunnys. Suzuki took advantage of that nostalgic attachment, and failed to produce any worthwhile improvement in its design or structure, while continuing to hike prices. Now its simply absurd to buy a suzuki for the price they charge.

  • Suzuki took advantage of corrupt politicians and take advantage of people, no airbags no safety in Mehran and the shape is same what it was 30 years ago maybe more

  • Block and discontinue that bloody Suzuki Carry Dabba which is actually a real dabba.
    Please make a new model in low price and with new generation and features with AC and Airbags.
    If you don’t have such Workers/ engineers than I have better ideas than yours.

  • donot stop production only make minor changes like give it sunroof…. its very nice car?

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