Mehwish Hayat named among ‘five Muslim women changing the world’

She was honored by an international publication for her activism.


Pakistani icon Mehwish Hayat has been named among ‘5 Muslim women changing the world’ by an international publication named The Muslim Vibe. The magazine honours her for her activism and initiatives supporting women.

The star and humanitarian was given the honour on the Women’s Equality Day. The day celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, the monumental moment that celebrates the event when women were recognized as equal citizens, grating right to vote. The said list was formed in collaboration with the British charity organization Penny Appeal.

“To be thought of in the same breath as women I look up to is humbling.”

Speaking about the latest feather in her cap, Hayat said that it is humbling for her to be considered on the list, particularly alongside the women she really admires and looks up to.

“I am so honoured to be chosen by the international magazine, Muslim Vibe, as one of the top five Muslim women in the world who are breaking stereotypes and changing the world.”

“To be thought of in the same breath as women I look up to is humbling,” Mehwish Hayat expressed her sentiments on Twitter.

The Muslim Vibe called Mehwish as “passionate and articulate” who is making a considerable difference with her activism across the globe and shattering stereotypes relating to Muslim women.

“Mehwish has recently hit the headlines for advocating positivity and representation and peace in Pakistan,” the publication wrote, defining her.

The actress recently made waves on international level after her vocal advocacy for peace amid India-Pakistan tensions over Kashmir issue. She called out Bollywood celebrities for warmongering and said that it is irresponsible to issue statements like these knowing the influence you have.

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