Members of Muslim family attacked by mob in India

The main motive behind this plan was the family’s religious identity.

On Monday, a mob attack left four members injured. These members belonged to a Muslim family and were attacked by 10 unidentified people in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

As reported by the Hindu newspaper, the main motive behind this plan was the family’s religious identity at Aligarh railway station on Sunday afternoon.

The reports of police have revealed that two men and two women were injured, one of them suffering from a head injury after being hit with a stone. Soon after this incident occurred, the victims were shifted to the hospital.

“The family had come for the treatment of their children at JN Medical College” – Muqarram Ali, a relative at whose house the family was supposed to stay, said.

He said that during the attack, the daughter passed out on the platform. The attackers weren’t traveling on a train but rather came from outside. They didn’t even board the train. Their sole purpose was to target the family, whose women were dressed in burqas. However, when police took notice of the issue and arrived at the scene, they ran away but the police chased them.

“During the attack, the daughter fainted on the platform….They didn’t board the train either. They came, targeted the family whose women were wearing burqas, and ran away when the police chased them.” – He said.

As per Muqarram, the police could’ve caught the culprits but the law enforcement agency was too slow to react.

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